5 Fun Facts about Causeway Link between Malaysia and Singapore

1. Busy Border Crossing
The Causeway is one of the most heavily used border crossings in the world. It handles up to 300,000 travellers daily, showcasing its importance in facilitating movement between the two nations.

Source: Malaya Mail (2022)

2. Historic Construction
The Johor-Singapore Causeway, completed in 1923, is one of the oldest cross-border links in Southeast Asia. It was originally constructed as a railway link to facilitate the transportation of goods and passengers between the two countries.

Source: Biblioasia (2020)

3. Length and Structure
The Causeway is approximately 1.056 kilometers long and is a combined road and rail link. It spans the Johor Strait, facilitating both vehicular and train transportation.

Source: Airasia Play (2023)

4. Strategic Importance During WWII
During World War II, the Causeway played a crucial role. In 1942, British forces destroyed part of the Causeway to prevent the Japanese army from advancing into Singapore. The Japanese later repaired it to continue their invasion.

Source: Roots (2022)

5. Fishing Spot
The area around the Causeway was a popular fishing spot for local anglers. Despite the heavy traffic and industrial surroundings, the waters near the Causeway still attract fishing enthusiasts looking for a good catch.

Source: Wonderwall.sg (2024)

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